Charles' Sunset Prognosis and updates on Broadcast
November 2005-February 2006 season
Broadcasting from this location is expected to start on
30th November 2005

This page will be updated daily around 13:00 GMT from 30th November 2005 to 6 February 2006 or more frequently if needed with predictions of the chances of a sunset at Maeshowe. 

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Exterior view from Maeshowe towards Hoy Hills, updated every 15 minutes from
09:00 to 16:00GMTdaily - picture will be black in hours of darkness.

  • 3rd January 2006 10:01 Yet another very fine day - sunset likely
  • 2nd January 2006 09:42 lovely day and sunset likely
  • 1st January 2006 09:00 lovely sunrise and excellent sunset
  • 31st December 2005 nice day but overcast
  • 30th December 2005 overcast
  • 29th December 2005 12:42 Looking like a sunset today
  • 28th December 2005 Sunset at last minute
  • 27th December 13:46 Sunny periods and showers sunset possible
  • 26th December 2005 09:43 Overcast with drizzle no wind
  • 25th December 2005 13:10 overcast and Merry Xmas
  • 24th December 2005 overcast
  • 23rd December 2005 overcast
  • 22nd December 2005 12:30 Lovely earlier but overcast with smurry rain now. Does not look hopeful, but keep coming back - there will be a good sunset yet!
  • 21st December 2005 09:01 ISP problems fixed, sky clearing now and wind forecast to go NW and strngthen. Sunset possible.From Zetnet "Charles As per the notification on our website: "We are undertaking a major network upgrade and data centre migration over the coming days. These changes are taking place out of hours where possible but may lead to some customers experiencing service degradation. We shall be keeping our customers informed of progress via the MOTD." The migration of machines to the new specialist data centre has been completed, but there are a couple of services such as the IRC server & a news server that did not take the transition very well. These will take a little time to repair & we hope to resume normal service on these as soon as possible. The dial up connections were one of the things that took a little while to settle down as BT's systems lost track of our authentication servers for a little while. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused, but it was deemed a necessity to get the servers from their present location as the building was being renovated & this was causing considerable problems with fluctuating power supply."
  • 20th December 2005 10:50 Looked very good earlier but now clouding over
  • 19th December 2005 09:03 Forecast to clear in afternoon, more later
  • 18th December 2005 11:17 Not looking great for today, but then again it might clear. Satellite image suggests clearer skies over next few days.
  • 17th December 200513:16 Sunset possible between snow showers. Cameras reset
  • 16th December film unit working no transmission
  • 15th December film unit working no transmission
  • 14th December film unit working no transmission
  • 13th December film unit working no transmission
  • 12th December 2005 high pressure could be a sunset
  • 11th December 2005 overcast but last minute brightness
  • 10th December 2005 overcast
  • 9th December 2005 overcast
  • 8th December 2005 fantastic day sunset highly likely
  • 7th December 2005 Fixed external camera - first sunset
  • 6th December 2005 09:38 Much better day - maybe a sunset? Still having probs with ext camera
  • 5th December 2005 totally overcast
  • 4th December 2005 overcast some chance of a peek of light
  • 3rd December 2005 overcast
  • 2nd December 2005
  • 1st December 2005 operational but bad connection on ext camera no sunset as overcast
  • 30th November 2005 setting up

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