Animations and Videos

This page is a collection of animated files and videos made from previous broadcasts.

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17 January 2013
Excellent sunset
15 January 2013
Excellent sunset
8 January 2013
Excellent sunset
29 December 2012
Partial sunset
17 December 2003 (1.2MB file)
Good sunset
11th December 2001
Very bright sun on the back wall
(views from all 3 cameras)
9th December 2001
A nice sunset
(views from all 3 cameras)
2nd December 2001
First sunset during our December 2001- February 2002 broadcast so cameras weren't set up optimally
24th December 2000
A nice early Christmas present of a good sunset (views from all 3 cameras) Warning 900k file may take a while to load
18th December 2000
Nice sunset - view from camera 1 (looking at the back wall)
18th December 2000
Nice sunset - view from camera 3 (looking out the passage)
12th January 2000
Very good example of a sunset with reappearing sunlight visible at the end (due to the sun reappearing after setting below Ward Hill)
9th January 2000
Good example of a sunset

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