Charles' Sunset Prognosis and updates on Broadcast
November 2006-February 2007 season
Broadcasting from this location started on 25th November 2006

This page will be updated daily around 13:00 GMT from 26th November 2006 to 6 February 2007 or more frequently if needed with predictions of the chances of a sunset at Maeshowe. 

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Exterior view from Maeshowe towards Hoy Hills, updated every 15 minutes from
09:00 to 16:00GMTdaily - picture will be black in hours of darkness.

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  • 25th December 2006 11:54 A perfect day for Xmas - good sunset guaranteed.
  • 24th Dec 2006 11:05 Looking good for today
  • 23nd Dec 2006 14:15 Overcast but some clearances so sunset possible. UPS arrived and will be installed tomorrow.
  • 22nd Dec 2006 11:50 Overcast but some clearance to south. Yesterday's transmission was cut because the circuit breakers at Maeshowe tripped, probably due to dampness.
  • 21st Dec 2006 10:16 Again looking very good for sunset today but cloud may roll in from the west later.
  • 20th Dec 2006 13:00 Looking very good for sunset today
  • 19th Dec 2006 High pressure to south, bands of cloud with clear spells here, sunset possible if clouds oblige!
  • 2nd to 18th Dec 2006 Sorry CT was out of Orkney most of this time and thus could not do forecast
  • 1st Dec 2007 Excellent sunset but some cloud to west
  • 30th Nov 2007 13:00 overcast day and excellent sunset,
  • 29th Nov 2007 09:00 cloudy and windy but forecast says sunny periods later so maybe
  • 28th Nov 2007 13:00 Looking very good for a sunset today - but a cloud bank rolled in at about 15:00
  • 27th Nov 2007 good sunset today
  • 26th Nov 2007 10:45 Overcast at present, showers forcast at first, calm and clearing from the west so a sunset is possible
  • 25th Nov 2007 - setup and wonderful sunset

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