Still Images
Maeshowe Project November 2003 - February 2004

Ring of Brodgar
Maeshowe forms part of the complex of Neolithic monuments in the centre of the West Mainland as well as being very impressive internally, it is very conspicuous in the landscape. It changes its aspect depending on the season, weather and lighting.

The following images were taken in late November soon after sunrise on a calm, frosty morning with mist over the landscape, and during "flashing" on 30th November, when the sun dips behind the Ward Hill of Hoy and then momentarlity reappears.

10489 Ring of Brodgar sunset
10518 Ring of Brodgar sunset
10528 Ring of Brodgar sunset
10648 Ring of Brodgar moonrise
10649 Ring of Brodgar moonrise
10650 Ring of Brodgar moonrise
10652 Ring of Brodgar moonrise
11827 Ring of Brodgar from east

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