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Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony, St Magnus Cathedral, Kirkwall 6 December 2003

The annual Christmas Tree lighting ceremony takes place on the first Saturday in December each year. Representatives from Hordaland in Norway, which has been twinned with Orkney for the last 20 years, always attend to light the tree they donate. Children are the centre of this Santa Lucia festival, which is traditionally celebrated throu
ghout Norway. Although dignitaries attend and speak it is the sound and sight of the young folk which gives this event its special feeling. A family "do" is held afterwards in the Town Hall.
11868 The Cathedral was full of folk
11870 Steven Hagen, OIC convenor
11871 The choir and band
11872 The Norwegian Vice Convenor
11873 Norwegian music
1111882 Cathedral nave
11884 Dignitaries leaving
11901 Children beside the lit tree
11841 Sunset 6 Dec 14:51
11843 Sunset 6 Dec 14:52
11913 Tree, spire and moon
11916 Beside the lit tree
11930 The Norwegian flag
11932 flying over the Town Hall

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