Maeshowe Winter Solstice events 1997-2002

Here are some photos of people who have been involved or have helped with our broadcasts

Victor at work
Victor setting up the computer in one of the chambers.  We hide it round the corner most of the time, so that visitors don't not get their impression spoilt by (not very modern) technolgy (year 1).
Maeshowe folk at work
Setting up the Webcam inside the cairn.  It is unobtrusively placed high up above the entrance.  All of the Tormiston Mill staff are very helpful, especially Moira (centre)
Self in Maeshowe
Charles Tait setting up Victor's video camera. (year 2)

Victor and Charles checking to see everything is running smoothly (year 3)

Magnus Tait ouside Maeshowe about to go inside and attempt to solve one of our many teething problems (year 3)

Magnus Tait adjusting the settings on the video recorder (year 3)

Alan, one of the very helpful custodians

Victor checking the computer (year 3)

Not exactly a person but just as important - this is the current incarnation of the machine we use to capture and send images to the internet from within Maeshowe. For our first broadcasts we used a 486DX 100 then for our second year of broadcasting a K62 300 was used. We used the 486DX 100 again for our third year and then from our fourth year of broadcast onward we have used a Celeron 400 (the machine pictured).

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