Still Images

Still images of Maeshowe and related sites

Sample Image
November 2006-February 2007 Stills will be posted here this season as usual as and when they are shot. This dramatic shot is of the summer solstice sunset at Brodgar.
November 2005-January 2006 This was not a good season for sunsets except in later January. There were several good sunrises as here at the Watchstone.
November 2004-February 2005 We will again be posting new still images here during this season's broadcast. The passage was beautifully illuminated on 11 December.
November 2003 - February 2004 New stills will be posted here during the next two months starting 12 November 2003 with the Ring of Bookan and sunset from the Watchstone. Brodgar, Maeshowe and the Standing Stones on a wintry, misty morning are also very different.
November 2002 - February 2003 Images from December 2002 and January 2003. Sunrises and sunsets, Maeshowe, Brodgar, South Ronaldsay, Kelton, Hoy Sound, etc.
December 2001 - February 2002 Images in Maeshowe, sunrise over Copinsay and reappearing sun at the Watchstone
November 2000 - January 2001 Flashing sun from Maeshowe and Maeshowe sunset stills
December 1999 - January 2000 3 pages of stills taken during sunsets at maeshowe
December 1998 - January 1999 "Flashing" observed on 1 December and 11 January and very bright sunsets on the 19 January and 30 January
December 1997 - January 1998 First photos during our broadcasts and "flashing" evidence
People Involved in the Broadcasts In this section you will find photos of the people involved over the years

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